Top Work From Home Essentials

If I recall it right, it was 25 March 2020.  PM Narendra Modi called for a nationwide lockdown and over 100 crore Indians were confined within four walls. So, were you. It has been a crazy six months from then. Work from home as a culture is now being embraced all over the world and it may as well be the future for many professions. In order to help you equip, we have come with a selected list of gadgets and equipment which can help you glide through the WFH phase. Come on, let me show you some must haves:

Desk Organizer

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Lap Desk

If you are a messy worker like me, I’m sure you have a lot of things on the table which hardly leaves you with any space on the table to keep those snacks. Why not get a desk organizer? 

Headphones are fine but what about those annoying and distracting voices which keeps on bothering you from the outside. It’s probably time for you to get a noise cancelling headphones at the best rates.

Don’t want to work on the table? That’s just fine. Bringing to you, the Lap Desk. Just go to your bed, open it up and work comfortably.

Extra Monitor


Mobile Phone

You will be able to work better with a second monitor which will provide a better view and you won’t have to stress your eyes with its eye saver mode that reduces blue light emissions which stimulate the retina more than other colors.

Experts say that masks are highly effective in containing the covid-19 virus and can dramatically reduce risks. So, its really wise to invest in a good set of masks, not the usual ones, but proper certified masks. 

It’s always good to have a smooth phone for your professional work so that it can act as an accomplice to your main unit. So, we bring to you the best-in-class phones depending on your budget.

Executive Chair

Laser Printer

Wifi Connection

Remember the chairs which you see your boss sitting on? It always feels more comfortable, right? Let’s get you the best chair available for the best price so that you can sit more and work more

I understand most of the work happens electronically but trust me, in certain professions, printer helps you to get the best out of you by helping you explore the complexities of your work. So, this one’s for the designers, researchers and my printer friendly friends.

Let’s be honest, your mobile hotspot does not cut your data requirements. It’s probably wise to invest in a strong wifi connection so that your work goes as fast as the data speed. Here’s a summary of the best internet solutions available in your town.